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  • Content marketing at work

    It can be difficult to keep up in the ever changing world of SEO and internet marketing. What is the latest trend? What should I discontinue doing on my site? Are there things that I am doing now that are hurting me? All of these are legitimate questions, but the answers to them may be different year to year. It is important to stay up to date with the latest trends in Google and implement them into your marketing.

    Statistics show that 90% of people online today prefer to have blog posts that are filled with detailed and relative content. This is the number one reason that people begin to follow specific brands on social media websites. Websites with good content typically increase your customers purchasing decisions and will decrease your bounce rate.

    Studies have shown that websites that have detailed content generate 97% more links which creates greater traffic to their site and in turn has more sales than other sites. On average content that has 1,500 words or more receives more tweets and likes on Facebook. Your content should create emotion; you want it be more than just useful information, your information needs to be unforgettable! Creating emotion becomes more possible when you speak to your customers in a conversational tone. It makes them feel like they know you personally and are able to have a personal conversation with them. Using words like “I and you” triggers emotion with them. When you build relationships with your client base they are more willing to accept your content and make it useful.

    As you can see most websites are profiting from content marketing. Having high quality content will not only increase your leads but will also generate more traffic to your site. Using content marketing to your SEO advantage can only benefit your website.

  • How to get good SEO ranking on your site?

    seo page rankMany people believe that SEO should be easy to implement on their website because it has been around for ages and there is a large amount of information on the internet about it. While that may be true Google is constantly changing requirements for information on SEO ranking and marketing so it is extremely important for you to stay up to date with all the new changes. This is where hiring a company like Barking Frog comes in handy, allows you to keep up on your business where you will continue to generate income while we worry about Google updates and keeping your site within those guidelines.

    With this being said there are some things about SEO that you should know. Amidst all the Google updates and changes that go on in the SEO and marketing world there are a few guidelines that remain constant.

    First, bad links can hurt your ranking. This concept doesn’t go across the board however, not every bad link can hurt your website. Link building is important to increasing your ranking on Google and other search engines; you want to grow links through high-quality aggregator sites. As your site grows and becomes larger and larger you won’t always be able to help low-quality aggregator sites linking to you. Don’t feel like you have to remove every link that comes your way. If you focus on having amazing content, offering outstanding service, and try to not manipulate rankings by buying links that are cheap and low-quality then you will be just fine.

    Second, having too much content isn’t always a positive thing for your business. On your site there should be plenty of information about your products and service for the general public to understand but when you have too much content typically your becomes boring or dry. You want to create content that is engaging and interesting so that your audience will want to share your site on social media sites. If you want your site to be found by search engines and your audience have good quality information that generates interest and action.

    In short your website should be focused on good quality content and linking to be successful. There are many other things that go into SEO ranking and marketing but this is an great place to start.

  • 5 Marketing Tips that will WOW your visitors and keep them coming back for more

    marketing-tipsWhen you first create a website and start marketing it can be an overwhelming task. Especially if you are creating a blog and trying to get readers. Just because you write content doesn’t mean you will automatically get followers let alone keep them coming back to read your content. Here are a few marketing tips that are tried and tested that will wow your visitors and keep them looking to your for advise, tips, and purchasing your products.

    1. Blog to help your visitors, not sell your product. – Visitors don’t want to be sold to. If you offer free help to them that really work they are more likely to come to you when they do need to buy something.

    2. Know your visitors and who you are talking to. – The biggest mistake is when bloggers write about things their audience isn’t interested in. Get to know your audience, their interests, their pain points and write about topics that will help them. Don’t know what your audience is interested in? Ask them. There are great quiz and survey widgets that you can integrate right into your website.


    3. Be Consistent – If you aren’t consistent it your content marketing then it will be harder for your visitors to follow you. Statistics show that blogs that write consistently are followed more and have more traffic than those that are hit and miss.

    4.   Connect with your readers using Social Media. –  When you get a following of readers the best way to personalize content and to know your readers is to connect with them through Social Media. Social Media is a great way to learn more about your readers hobbies, interest, and pain points. You can then help them with ideas and tips or talk about things they are interested in that relate to your product or services.

    5. Focus on Quality articles, not Quantity of articles. – When you start content marketing on your website it doesn’t mean that you need to get as many blog articles written so it looks like you have been doing it for a long time. It’s all about the quality of the articles. Readers will want to keep coming back for more if you are writing about quality content. They could care less if you had a new article every day if it wasn’t worth reading.

    In conclusion, you should focus on your readers and what kind of content they want to read about and make it worth reading. By doing this you can keep your visitors coming back and really impress them with what they want to know all by not selling to them. If you would like to know more about other ways of driving traffic to your website check out our SEO Salt Lake City company and see what other tips we have to offer.

By taking the tips and techniques learned from Just Visit Us I was able to get my website to finally show up on search engines.