Using Search Engine Optimization to Increase Website Traffic

Search engine optimization

Did you know that you can use search engine optimization to boost your website traffic? Perhaps you have got an idea. Search engine optimization is a technique that is used to enhance the visibility of the website such that, when people use certain keywords, your site is found on the search results. It is not always simple to capture a lot of traffic for a website but it demands hard work and determination.

As a matter of fact, there are so many websites that compete for the same attention or that use the same keywords and therefore, when a user clicks to search the same, millions of results are found. Therefore, your site needs to be visible so as to capture more traffic.

Using search engine optimization to enhance traffic

As discussed above, it is imperative to employ this awesome technique for any website to be fruitful. There are six tools that SEO uses to enhance rankings and hence increase traffic for website.

The tools include:

1. Google trends

This is a modern trend that enables the webmaster to track the needs of the audience as per their search results. It is a go-to keyword tool that will indicate for you the comparison of related items that appears on the keyword and the one that attracted most traffic. This tool can be used to modify the keyword and hence attract more traffic.


BROWSEO is also an effective tool that depicts how a search engine works to find your site. By showing this alone, you can then decide on what to change so as to rise to a level that can be found easily by the audience. In this case, your site is stripped to the base level and the SEO information is displayed and through this, you can monitor your level.

3. Screaming Frog

This may sound funny but it is just a SEO tool that functions to audit your site and to tell you the problems that you can improve. The screaming frog moves across your site searching for obstacles that hinders the audience from finding your site. When this is reported to you, it becomes possible for you to correct some of the areas and enhance your site visibility.

4. GTmetrix

This tool is used to check the speed of the website. That is, the time it takes to load the information when clicked. The speed plays a crucial role in the ranking process and therefore, you need to know the speed of your site for better decision making. If you find that your site takes a very long time to load its contents, then you are on the dead side and you need to correct the same before it sinks your ship.

5. Rank Checker

As the name suggest, rank checker is a tool that ranks your site alongside others. It shows you exactly the search results and the rank on which your site can be found. Rank checker is a smart tool as it also give you the necessary tips on how to improve the same.

6. Responsive Design Checker

Responsive design of your website is what determines the level of your ranking. Your site should therefore display well in both computers and smartphones to enhance your visibility. This tool is therefore used to show whether your site is adaptable to various devices and this can aid in making further decision.

In conclusion, if you have problems with your site, you can find your solutions from Park City SEO.

The Quality of Content

It goes without saying that a critical component of any SEO Salt Lake City strategy is content creation. Whether the content creator is creating content for link farms that are not designed to be read by actual humans or whether the content creator is creating content for the purpose of actually providing a human with information the content itself must achieve a certain level of quality. Obviously, content intended for link farms does not necessarily require content on the level of award winning literature it must at least reach a level so that a search engine web crawler does not immediately recognize it as spam. Certainly it is possible for link farm content to provide actual information; it is just that providing actual information is not strictly required in order for it to achieve its intended purpose. This purpose is to make the website linked to more relevant in search engine listings.


When a Utah SEO business is creating content for the purpose of providing actual information to actual human readers, obviously the content must rise to a certain level of quality. The reason for this required level of quality is equally obvious. That is, the content created by the SEO Park City business should not discourage web surfers who come in contact with said content from following the links imbedded within the content itself or taking the action the content is designed to inspire the reader to take. Clearly, the better and more compelling the content actually is, the more effective the content will be in attracting attention on the internet. This does not even take into account the SEO Utah tactics employed to make the content appear relevant to search engine web crawlers. All in all it can never hurt for a web page to contain quality content whether it is a link farm page or a page designed for the purpose of conveying information to actual people.

Link Farming with SEO Utah

One technique employed by SEO Salt Lake City businesses to optimize a website’s position in a search engine’s listings is to create what is called a “link farm.” A link farm is a collection of web sites interconnected by reciprocal hyperlinks. These websites can be independent but can also be easily constructed through the use of blogging platforms such as WordPress. Many link farms are created though the use of automated programs which create web pages containing text with embedded links. This type of link farm is usually very easy for a person to identify as the spam that it is and even sophisticated search engine algorithms can identify automated link farms depending on their content. Other link farms are made “by hand” meaning content creators are hired (typically on a freelance basis to write the content). Theoretically, this type link farm is more difficult for search engine web crawlers to identify. Regardless of how a link farm is created by Utah SEO is almost always considered spam and is sometimes referred to as “spamdexing” because the intent behind creating a link farm is to fool the index of a search engine by making the website that is linked to appear more relevant.

Search engines employ different tactics in order to measure a webpage’s relevance. Link farms created by SEO Park City are created based on the known search engine tactic of seeking out single direction links originating from other relevant websites. Search engines such as Google employ a “PageRank” methodology which not only enumerates all the inbound links but also evaluates the inbound links depending on their relevance. Accordingly, the greater number of valuable inbound links a particular website is connected to the higher the webpage will appear in the Google search engine listings. Many search engines seek to identify specific attributes associated with a link farm in order to filter them out in terms of determining value and relevance. However, hand made link farms are typically more likely to evade these filters which is the reason people are willing to pay content creators for this purpose.