7 Ways To Get Your Small Businesses Going Using Online Marketing

You\’ve done all the heavy lifting.  You\’ve chosen your business name, grabbed a domain and hosting account, created a beautiful website and can even accept money from clients or customers.  However; the crickets are still chirping…

Ah, now you realize the importance of marketing? Have you begun to scratch your head trying to figure out exactly how you can begin marketing your small business effectively and affordably? Sadly, many businesses leave this step for last and often it is the most importnat step (and often easier if you think about it before hand.  Take for instance, the name of your domain.  If you use something that mentions your area or keywords, you\’re already a step ahead when it comes to search engine optimization. Continue reading “7 Ways To Get Your Small Businesses Going Using Online Marketing”

6 Twitter Tips to Get More Visitors to Your Website

\"twitterGetting more people to your web property, whether a business website, eCommerce site, or a peronal blog, is a question nearly every website owner thinks about. There are many different venues and methods people can utilize to draw attention towards their property. While smaller niche bases outlets, memberships, and forums can provide highly targeted traffic, they are often few and far between. Sticking with some of the big methods can do wonders in helping bring in more visitors and traffic to your website. Twitter happens to be one of those big dogs that can get the word out about your web property. Continue reading “6 Twitter Tips to Get More Visitors to Your Website”

Small Business Internet Marketing at a Glance

As the Internet continues to grow in not only use, but in accessibility, speed, and technology, the need for small businesses to focus on Internet Marketing has never been greater. However; there still exists three facets of small businesses—those who are not even on the Internet (no presence at all), those who have presence but are not utilizing it (billboard in the wilderness syndrome), and those that are actually currently pursuing some form of Internet Marketing. Among these three groups of small business users, the first two consider Internet marketing as a completely mysterious subject to talk about or one difficult to really put a definition to. In fact, it is a foreign area of the web for them, being loaded with ridiculous get-rich-quickly financial schemes and shady characters ready to take advantage of innocent and uninformed consumer within the click of the mouse. Continue reading “Small Business Internet Marketing at a Glance”