Just Visit Us Using Park City Taxi

We here at the Just Visit Us Blog invite our readers to just visit us using a Park City taxi in the process. This is more than a simple invitation for more than a few reasons. For one thing we might not be located in Park City which will complicate your visiting us through the use of a Park City taxi. For another thing, you might not be located in Park City which would also complicate your fulfillment of the invitation. All of this is no matter, however, because it is not the fulfillment of the invitation that matters. Rather it is the fact that the invitation has been extended in the first place that matters. Allow me to explain.


When an invitation is extended the only polite response is to accept the invitation. For an invitation is no mere act of charity or hospitality. Of course it is both but it is something else as well. An invitation extended is a reaching out into the world from one person to another. It is a request for validation. In a sense an invitation affirms the existence of the self when it is accepted. You might say that the accepting of an invitation causes the person who extended the invitation to exist in the first place.

To many this assertion will not appear to make logical sense. For how could a non existent person extend an invitation? And how could the extension of an invitation cause a person to exist prior to its extension if the the person did not first exist at the time of its extension? None of this is possible if a person insists upon thinking in a logical, three dimensional manner. Learning how not to think in this manner will require further explanation.

Five Valuable Online Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Do you need to increase traffic to your site? Are you wondering how you can better your site’s search results, as well as increase Google’s ranking for your site?  Here are five things to consider when looking at your current online tactics and strategies to see if they are being effective.

Complimenting Content and SEO

It’s important to utilize your online marketing strategies through blog posts, online media, and other web content.  You want to maximize your marketing strategies by creating creative content and increasing its visibility online. In order to assure your SEO and content work in tandem, it’s important to establish a consistent work flow. For example, create content that is influential to your industry and specific audience. Then, you want to distribute it effectively so you can create the results mapped out in your online marketing strategy. After distribution, you want to maximize your efforts. You want your best content to have a lifetime value online and be effective for all online channels.\"check\"

In order to really make your online content more effective , make sure all online and creative content teams or individuals, are working together to collaborate. Establish all roles and skills in your marketing team.  It’s important to discover where overlap and cross-training opportunities exist for each member of the team to learn new skills.

Do You Have a Mobile Site?

If you don’t have a mobile site that is reliable and works properly, you need to make this one of you top priorities. The era of mobile devices has in fact surpassed the use of desktop computers and laptops. Most people use their smart phones and tablets to browse online. You will want to incorporate SEO into your mobile site as well as your full site. Be careful in the configuration or your mobile site. Research has found that mobile configuration errors resulted in a significant loss in smartphone traffic. If you haven’t established a mobile site with proper configuration, an SEO company Salt Lake City, will be able to assist you.

Measuring and Recording Your Efforts\"GA\"

It doesn’t take much effort to measure your site’s traffic. Google Analytics is easy to install and measures your site’s traffic and organic searches. It’s important to know where your online visitors are coming from and how they are locating your site. If tracking your site’s traffic seems daunting there are online marketing and SEO companies that can focus on simplifying data sources, as well as help you work to uncover the right information via structured data sources. Reporting does not to be difficult and complex, but it does need to be a priority if you want to maximize your SEO and online marketing tactics.

Universal Keywords and Phrases

Just because you think a keyword or phrase should be used in your site and content, doesn’t mean it will be effective. You want to research your key terms.  You may want to ask an online marketing specialist to research possible key words and phrases for you. You want to optimize your search results by focusing on seed terms and narrowing down other possible searches that your direct consumers may be using. It’s important to use these keywords on all your online platforms and sites….yes including your social media sites. Search engines will look for your key words and help to populate useful search results for your visitors and consumers.

Uniform Business Listings

An SEO company or online marketing specialist can help you identify your online listings and citations to make sure they are uniform. Often times business listings are different, which hinders the results a search engine will populate. Even a slight difference in street address or phone number on different citation sites will decrease your search results.

Following these five suggestions will help your site’s search results and ultimately increase your site traffic. If you have creative and authentic content on your site Google will also begin ranking your site higher, which then also helps in your online marketing strategies and searches. Good luck in your new online marketing campaign!\"content\"

Tips for Creating Great Online Content – Search Engine Optimization Salt Lake City

Coming up with great usable content doesn\’t need to be hard. Here are seven tips that will make creating online content just a little easier.

1. Content doesn\’t always have to be 100% original – If you are sitting around trying to come up with original content, you may be sitting for a long time. Chances are anything you think of has already be created or written about. How can you use this to your advantage? Use other\’s ideas to make your content just a little better. You can post some great blog posts without having to be too creative. Rather than wait around for that one brilliant idea, just use other\’s inspiration to help you with yours.\"Knowledge-670x390\" Continue reading “Tips for Creating Great Online Content – Search Engine Optimization Salt Lake City”